Training and Support

Our support team stands behind you every step of the way, from your initial learning phase and into creating and working through your marketing tactics, funnels and automations. We are fanatics about customer support and your successful use of the tools and content we provide.

Many industries utilize automation to leverage the power of technology to enhance their marketing. However, the travel industry has seriously lagged in providing travel professionals with tools and training centered on the needs of travel professionals. Our sister companies, Travel Research Online and Voyager Websites have for years been producing great content and websites for travel professionals, but dedicated and modern marketing platforms dedicated to travel were non-existent.

Travmarket wanted a marketing platform that was easy for travel professionals to use and maintain. We chose the GetResponse platform because the range of its tool set is universally considered the best marketing platform for small B2C companies. Travmarket then wrapped its content, training and support around the GetResponse toolset to create the first travel-centric marketing automation platform.