Marketing Funnels

Use our templates or your own creative instinct to generate social media and newsletter advertising that lead to amazingly persuasive and high-converting landing pages specifically designed for travel. Webforms integrate seamlessly into the landing pages with instant autoresponders (or on a timed release) providing additional touch-points to your leads and clients, all responsive to their reactions to your marketing overtures.

Marketing Funnels

A Marketing Funnel is a series of steps designed to attract leads and to encourage consumers to engage with your company with the intent of eventually become a paying client. Marketing funnels utilize what is sometimes referred to as “persuasion architecture” to facilitate and encourage the Buyer’s Journey which is the process through which a consumer passes as they become aware of your travel agency, consider whether your travel agency can meet their needs and finally make a purchase from you.

The Buyer’s Journey

  1. Awareness: The buyer becomes aware your company exists
  2. Interest: The buyer takes an interests in what you do and how you do it
  3. Consideration: The client thinks about how your company might meet his or her needs
  4. Intent: The client engages with you, providing additional information
  5. Evaluation: The client evaluates your solution to their needs
  6. Purchase: The buyer makes a purchase through you

During the Buyer’s Journey, there are actually many funnels. For example, awareness may be the result of a Lead Magnet Funnel where the buyer provides you with an email address in exchange for a free report. Later, as a result of the growing relationship you establish with the buyer, you begin sending your agency newsletter where the buyer sees a great offer to Ireland and inquires about more information.

All good marketing efforts, every last one, are built on marketing funnels. You have been using them the entire time you have been in business, whether intentionally or not! Every time you walk into a store, make an online purchase, or attend a Chamber of Commerce function to network, you are engaging in marketing funnels either as a buyer or as a seller. The better the persuasion architecture of the funnel, the more likely the buyer is perform the desired end result of the funnel – a conversion.

Automated sales funnels for your travel agency

Through our partnership with GetResponse, your travel agency will have access to pre-designed funnels and tools to quickly build and place your funnels into service. Our support team will assist you in the planning and implementation of your funnel to assist in ensuring your clients continue their progress through the funnel to end up as conversions to paying clients.