Lead Magnets

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Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets: Great Content, Strategies and Tactics

A lead magnet is desirable content given away in exchange for an email address. Getting traffic to your website is one thing, turning that traffic into a lead is another. Great content converts anonymous visitors to your website or advertising into an actionable lead. Lead magnets can be downloadable content, videos, free consultations, webinars and more.

Better yet, your Travmarket system can automatically segment your leads into client interests. The client responding to the golf lead magnet will be placed into a segmented list for golfers and the leads interested in safaris will be placed into safaris. As your develop a relationship with your lead through social media, newsletters and our other tools, the lead becomes a paying client.

Use our professionally produced lead magnets or create your own. Our support and training team will be with you every step of the way.