Frequently Asked Questions

The Travmarket Program Features

Travmarket provides the GetResponse program, our Content Library, Training and Support. In addition, during your Agency Launch with us, we build out the first Marketing Funnel for you. The Content Library is continually enhanced and updated for your use to continually enhance the relationship with your clients, complete with your own agency e-magazine, Terra Travelers, as well as agency newsletters. Most importantly, however, we continually provide support and evaluation of your marketing efforts and are available to you for any problems you may encounter with the use of any of the GetResponse system.

A good website emphasizes the travel professional and focuses on the Niche Market served. A good website will enhance every marketing effort. However, your choice of website provider is not important to the use of the Travmarket program. You may use any website provider and still use Travmarket.

Working from a written plan and using solid strategies and tactics will provide a consistency and a better results than not doing so. Travmarket will work with you to raise the profile of your agency and to ensure you are using the best possible tactics in those aspects of your digital marketing over which Travmarket has an impact.

Using Travmarket’s tool-set will almost certainly generate leads for your agency. Bringing those leads into a relationship with your agency and then inspiring the trust and confidence necessary to convince the new lead to remain and work with you will depend on your ability to engage the lead with your own personality and professional demeanor. To the extent you can infuse your marketing with our tool set, you should be able to engage the lead opportunities we provide and make clients out of them.

Terra Travelers is a quarterly electronic magazine branded with your logo and containing a letter from you inside it for each issue!

You can indeed! Many entrepreneurs do their own marketing, but the process can be time consuming and filled with trial and error. Travmarket will provide you with a plan, training, support and our Content Library. We will be your marketing coaches and mentors.

While we do not directly involve ourselves outside of your digital marketing automation, many of the principles we effect have absolute analogies to your offline marketing efforts. Just as direct mail and email are related and networking and social marketing have much in common, you will find the fundamentals of marketing are universal even when the platform changes.

The first and foremost use will be to attract new leads to your company, but also to enhance the relationship you build with those leads and with your existing clients. Forging relationships and building trust, using our platform to assist you in speaking authoritatively, is a primary use of our platform. Group travel marketing is certainly enhanced with marketing automation. We have also seen host agencies use the very same techniques in a B2B setting to recruit new sub-agents to their agencies.

We can indeed! We provide templates you can use to create your own newsletters or you can private label and use the newsletters we create as your own.

Once a marketing funnel is set up, it runs without further input from you. Naturally you will want to monitor, adjust, test and fine tune your marketing funnels, but while you are working face-to-face with clients or on a fam trip, your marketing continues to run and respond to your clients without the necessity of your immediate intervention.

What Are My Costs?

Never! We have confidence in the value of our program, and we want you to as well. Our agreements are month-to-month.

There is a $75 set up fee per account

We would hate to lose you, but you simply email our support team at and tell us you wish to cancel.

Naturally, your clients and your leads are yours forever! Your rights to use Travmarket content, however are a license which terminates if you cancel.

Primarily the cost of advertising on the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Set a consistent marketing budget and hold to it!

Support and Training

We have an amazing team of marketers and technologists devoted to your success. We work primarily through a ticketing system more than 12 hours each business day and we scan the system on weekends. We prefer the ticketing system because it keeps a permanent record of our support efforts on your behalf. However, we will also provide 1:1 screen-share tutorials with you to assist you with any issue you are having with the system. If you want to speak by phone with one of our techs, and it cannot be handled by the ticketing system, they you leave a message and we respond quickly. We also have a dedicated Facebook group where you can work with and share ideas with other travel professionals using our system.

This support system has been tested successfully over the past three years with our Voyager Websites program.

One thing we know for sure: The better trained you are, the easier customer support is! We make extensive use of video and have a dedicated KnowledgeBase for your use. In addition, the GetResponse training materials are all available and at your disposal.

You do! Our primary way of providing support is a ticketing system. However, if you need assistance with any element of your account we will set up a 1:1 telephone and screen share session with you to provide additional training. You can call our support number at any time and leave a message to receive a return support call.